What inspired Christine Le Garde to write Negative Intimacy?

Updated: Apr 13

I needed a positive outlet for my brain to destress and re-calibrate after several traumatic crazy years.

As writing and researching has always been a form of therapy for me, I created this modern day 'Angel versus Devil' storyline as it touches on many subjects very close to my heart and generated my own inner warrior to rise up and do something to change the flawed legal systems around the world that are sanctioning intimate partner terrorism, or 'Negative Intimacy' through court ordered rulings.

This project also allowed me to be the most creative I have ever been which is an amazing feeling to let go and create something people will be reading for generations to come on such a big issue currently impacting more than twenty five percent of families globally.

This area is such a taboo subject, so generally people do not understand the full extent of the family dynamics in this type of negatively intimate relationship. and how difficult it is to live life freely.

As I am a McKenzie Friend, it was always crafted to be an intriguing, modern, relatable heroic feminine fiction piece with an underlying strategy of being a self-help book for people who want to leave a toxic relationship or have separated from an ex-partner who is very good at mental warfare. I wanted to give answers to many of the questions I get asked everyday working in the volunteer field of being a McKenzie Friend.

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